SEI Mirage Mirrored Accent Table


Extremely eye pleasing and the one piece of furniture that makes your entire home look very trendy and stylish, people just love to own this decorative piece of furniture. This piece of furniture is such that people will cherish for many years to come and it will definitely be durable and long lasting. The assembling of this piece of furniture is very easy and does not involve too many complications. One undoubtedly gets the feeling of accomplishment after the furniture is used.

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Following are the wonderful features of the product.

Excellent Finishing

The finishing of the entire four legged cabinet is wonderful giving it a very rich and elegant look. This feature tempts the customers to go ahead and buy the product. Moreover the finishing apart from the looks is also very wonderful and further adds a feather to the cap.

Manual Instructions

The instructions to keep the product properly and safely are already mentioned. This helps theuser to clearly follow and accordingly take care of the mirrored cabinet. Customers feel very happy and delighted to use this product.

Easy And Uncomplicated Assembling

The assembling of the entire cabinet is very simple and does not require any specialized tools. The simple day to day tools are only required and too many complications do not arise.

Affordable Pricing

The price of this wonderful and eye pleasing mirrored cabinet is affordable and that is why most of the people are willing to buy this product. The affordable pricing of this product makes it a very popular choice as well.

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Customer Service

Majority of the customers are mainly happy about the product prices which are extremely economical and affordable. As a result of this the demand of the product is ever increasing and it will definitely increase in the future as well. Customers also feel that this cabinet is the one piece that can compliment no matter in whichever room it is placed.

The fact that assembling the cabinet is not a very hard task is also somewhere responsible for the increasing fondness of the product. Even the cleaning of the product is very effective and easy.


One of the customers was unhappy about the fact that when he received the piece it was broken. One of the facts that made the customer unhappy was that the drawer cracked two times when he was trying to tighten the knob. However the best part was that he was still happy with the product.


One of the main advantages of this amazing product is that it is very attractive and the one which provides space utility to the user of the product. Though there are a certain limitations of this mirrored cabinet, they can definitely be overlooked and the advantages are numerous making it one of the most popular products amongst its users.

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